Caravan parking at Siltaharju

Siltaharju is a self-service caravan park. The service works with SMS. Here you can find instructions in English.

Siltaharju auringonlasku

Admire the midnight sun from the best viewing point!

Siltaharju port is located near the road E75 on the shore of the Porttipahta Reservoir, about 70 kilometres north of Sodankylä. The parking slots are intended for short-term tourist parking. There are six spaces at the port.

The service works with SMS, and it costs 20 € for 24 hours.


So it works!

  1. Choose one of available slots. The slots are numbered P1-P6.
  2. Book a slot by sending an SMS to the number 16350. For exaple, if you want to book the slot number P1, send an SMS Siltaharju 20E P1 to the number 16350.
  3. Electricity is switched on for 24 hours at the socket of the parking slot.
  4. Payment (20 €) will be charged on your next telephone bill.


For service advice, please call +358 400 377 427 (Sodankylä municipality).

HOX! There is no waste management in the area. Please take care of cleanliness and take your garbage with you.

Siltaharju port

The port is located on the shore of Porttipahta Reservoir.

Osoite Siltaharjuntie 133, 99600 Sodankylä
Puhelin +358 400 377 427

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