Urgent care and emergency services

The emergency clinic is intended for patients whose illness requires immediate assessment of care and treatment which cannot be postponed without significant detriment to their health.

Contact the health centre’s emergency number for all emergency matters.

The emergency unit’s telephone number is 020 692881

In case of an immediate emergency call the general emergency number 112.

Residents of the northern parts of Sodankylä (Kakslauttanen, Vuotso and Lokka) can also use the emergency services of the Ivalo Health Centre if they wish:
Emergency reception downstairs at the Ivalo Health Centre during weekdays between 8am-4pm.


Nurse in charge,

tel. 040 517 8725,

nurse on duty,

tel. 040 770 9187.

At other times in the in-patient ward, access from the river-side doors.


Nurse on duty,

tel. 040 770 9187,

Ivalo Health Centre,

tel. 016 687 511