Health Care and Social Services

The task of health care and social services is to promote and maintain the health, well-being and functional capacity of local residents by providing customer-oriented and effective health and social care services at all stages of life.

Doctors’ and nurses’ clinics

Patients have flexible access to nurse’s or doctor’s clinic, depending on the assessment of their care needs.

Attendance at doctors’ and nurses’ clinics is by appointment. Contact us for an appointment tel. 020 692 881 (Monday-Friday between 8am-2pm).


When you call the appointment number, you will hear the following automated message (in Finnish):

Hi, you have reached the Sodankylä Sopukka Needs Assessment and Appointment number.  Please choose from the following three options:

  •  If your issue is about Influenza or Covid-19 vaccines, select 1.
  • If your issue is about Treatment Needs Assessment and Appointment, select 2.
  • Prescriptions and Other Issues, select 3.

Choose the option that suits your situation. HOX! There is a callback system in place. If you want us to call you back instead of waiting on hold, press star in the end.