Service Counselling

The Family Centre’s Advice and Service Counselling will help you to find the right service, or the one you need. We can help you when you need advice and support in everyday situations. You are welcome for problems both big and small!

In Sodankylä Family Centre you have a multi-channel advisory service for your use. You can discuss issues over the phone, chat and email, or by visiting the Family Centre in person. The counselling session includes an initial assessment. Counselling services can be provided so that they do not necessarily lead to a client relationship. There is no set menu of services, but you and your networks work together to find and tailor the right services at the right time.

Service Counsellor

tel. 0400 694 024
at 9 am-11am

Visiting address:

Sopukka Welfare Centre
Family Centre, 2nd floor
Karistamontie 4
99600 Sodankylä